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Even as marketers struggle with Facebook’s changes in privacy permissions — Tinder was toast recently — the social media network’s CEO and co-founder is getting ready to testify to Congress next week. On Wednesday, he will speak to congressional committees to explain the alleged misuse of data by Cambridge Analytica, which obtained the data from Facebook via a third-party app.

There’s a new framework for creating greater data privacy between the United States and the European Union. While it’s taken two years of work, some would argue little has changed and that it's likely to get struck down — others laud the progress. Let’s get clarity on what that means for businesses leveraging data “across the pond.”

Even before U.K. citizens voted to exit the E.U. (A.K.A., “Brexit”) marketers were scared ad budgets would dry up as world markets dove as much as 12 percent on Friday — with U.S. exchanges down 3 to 4 percent. That same day, Zacks Equity Research predicted on Yahoo Finance that the main marketers impacted in the U.S. will be in auto, finance, tech and energy sectors.

Everyone bleeds. Yet Americans hide it from themselves in television commercials, video games, movie violence, and in other ads and images by turning the red liquid — get this — blue, black or green. The British aren’t as squeamish. So should American marketing grow up?

US Monitor has announced that it has added a comprehensive mail condition reporting service to its mail tracking and list protection services in response to the increased incidence of mailings being delivered in poor condition. The new service lets mailers know if poor condition is affecting their mail delivery and whether damaged mailings or missing inserts are hurting their response rates. A recent project involving a national catalog brand showed that 23 percent of the catalogs received by our field agents arrived in poor condition.

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