Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

It feels a bit like an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting during the SES New York 2011 session, "Panda: The Aftermath." A panel from SearchEngineWatch.com listened, consoled, attempted to put the issue in perspective and, primarily, provided advice on how marketers on the losing end of the change could try to make it right.

Attorney Peter A. Mahler knows he's no Matt Drudge. Then again, the Drudge Report has a different purpose and audience than Mahler's New York Business Divorce blog.

As mailers look to squeeze more profitability out of every mailing, it might be a good time to consider testing the inclusion of a pass-along order form, at least to your best customers. A pass-along order form is simply an extra order form with some sales copy inserted into a solo direct mail campaign, in the hopes that the primary recipient will share the offer with a friend, family member or co-worker. According to Robert Lerose, a freelance copywriter in Uniondale, NJ, pass-along order forms tend to work best with your current customers who already have a relationship with you. Prospects may be

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