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A federal judge has ruled against an online retailer that tried to force a Utah couple to pay $3,500 over a critical online review. U.S. District Judge Dee Benson entered a default judgment on April 30 in favor of John and Jen Palmer of Layton after KlearGear.com failed to respond to the couple’s lawsuit. Benson ruled the Palmers owe nothing to KlearGear.com, but the gadget retailer owes them a sum to be determined at a court hearing in June, the Salt Lake Tribune reported.

TV pitchman Kevin Trudeau, who was convicted last year of criminal contempt for exaggerating the contents of his weight-loss book in infomercials, was sentenced on Monday to 10 years in prison. Trudeau, 51, who has been held in federal custody since his conviction in November, will also have five years of supervised release after serving his sentence, U.S. District Court Judge Ronald Guzman said. "He is deceitful to the very core, and that type of conduct simply cannot stand

Hey, everyone! Get ready for your close-up—effective September 5, Facebook is ready to make you a star in commercials whether you want to be or not. Facebook proposed a change to its "Data Use Policy" that scrubs a sentence saying you can "use your privacy settings to limit how your name and profile picture may be associated with commercial, sponsored, or related content (such as a brand you like) served or enhanced by us." It has now been replaced by a sentence that says, well … precisely the opposite

A federal judge has rejected Facebook’s settlement offer in a class-action privacy lawsuit over the use of users’ names and faces in “Sponsored Stories” advertisements. With Sponsored Stories, which rolled out in January of 2011, your “likes” on a brand’s page can result in your name and profile picture being shown as endorsements in that brand’s advertisements on the site. Users were not given an option to opt-out of the feature. ... How do you feel about Facebook’s Sponsored Stories?

Okay, so let’s get something straight right up front. I wouldn’t in a million years attempt to defend Kraft Foods’ Gevalia Coffee’s email marketing practices. They—or more accurately, their affiliates—have been spamming for more than a decade. They give direct email marketers a bad name. That said, a court ruling went in Kraft’s favor last week that should give us all a reason to breathe a sigh of relief, for now at least. A jury in a federal court in Maryland has reportedly ruled that anti-spam plaintiff Paul Wagner is not a bona fide Internet service provider …

Facebook has agreed to pay $10 million to charity to settle a lawsuit that accused the site of violating users' rights to control the use of their own names, photographs and likenesses, according to court documents made public over the weekend. The lawsuit, brought by five Facebook members, alleged the social networking site violated California law by publicizing users' "likes" of certain advertisers on its "Sponsored Stories" feature without paying them or giving them a way to opt out, the documents said. A "Sponsored Story" is an advertisement that appears on a member's Facebook page

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