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Good luck finding Americans who think of dogs as luggage, Delta. The story that's going viral about the airline is that it lost a family pet, a pit bull named Ty, and has so far only refunded Ty's owner the $200 Frank Ramano paid to have his 6-year-old dog flown from Los Angeles to Tampa with him. By now most of the people reacting to the tale on social media know all about how Ramano adopted Ty in North Hollywood a year ago, when Ramano was homeless.

Businesses in the U.S. are being encouraged to use a bank-provided alternative last-mile service to speed up customer payment processes in the light of changes to the U.S. mail network. As the U.S. Postal Service consolidates its networks to cut operating costs, the Sovereign Bank said this week that companies could reduce delays from payments sent through the mail by having checks sent directly to the bank. It has been running a series of regional information sessions for companies in the states of Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania to explain to local firms how to benefit from …

Challenge: Retain churchgoers.
Solution: Mobile marketing, sending daily text messages.
Results: Of the 125 church members and attendees who participated, 100 percent have remained worshippers.

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