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Smartphone banking app N26 may have a sizeable portion of U.S. bank customers using its services by next year, the Berlin-based FinTech startup’s CEO told Reuters.

A massive ransomware attack has spread across at least 74 countries, hitting the IT systems of banks, telephone companies and hospitals and holding affected computers hostage for $300 in Bitcoin.

Urban Outfitters sold a "bloody," hole-filled "vintage" Kent State University sweatshirt until Monday. While it's possible some Americans may not know about Kent State, the massacre is burned into my mind and I wasn't even alive when it happened. In 1970, four unarmed students who had been protesting the Vietnam War were gunned down by Ohio National Guard troops who fired into the crowd. So many iconic images and still-popular songs resulted from the shootings that employees at Urban Outfitters shouldn't have even had to open a history book to understand why selling that sweatshirt was offensive. Then there's also the fact that the company is based in Philadelphia—in a state that shares a border with Ohio.

Fear is paralyzing. And fear is important for marketers to understand and leverage. I was reminded of how fear takes over the mind while on vacation a couple of weeks ago in Barcelona, Spain. We rented a car for a drive to Andorra and Southern France, and while returning the car to the Barcelona's city center, we got lost. The GPS navigation wasn't helpful. The streets were crowded. Then a tap on the window by a motorcyclist next to our car, and pedestrians pointing

The connected car will be as common as smartphones, AT&T Chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson told CNBC on Monday, following the company's deal to take over as the high-speed wireless provider for GM vehicles. "General Motors has probably been the most aggressive thinking about the connected car and where the connected car goes," Stephenson said in a "Squawk Box" ... GM's OnStar — best known for connecting drivers to live operators who provide directions or call emergency help after an accident — will start using AT&T instead of Verizon in its 2015 models

Microsoft just became online advertising’s equivalent of Spain’s self flagellants, those religious zealots who walk the streets publically whipping the crap out of themselves as a form of penance. Thing is, at least self flagellants only whip the crap out of themselves. Microsoft just whipped the crap out of everyone else, as well. The company announced in a statement last week that Internet Explorer 10—which will be bundled into Microsoft Windows 8—will include a do-not-track feature that will be on by default. If the decision stands, only Explorer 10 users who actively enable tracking for advertising purposes

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