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What should Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump do with Trump Brand? The brand has traditionally been positioned as upscale: hotel rooms that start at $400; golf club memberships for up to $200,000; $50 cologne; $40 wines; $175 ties. But with the president’s low approval ratings, things have not gone well in some of the Trump businesses — paving the way for some geo-demographic segmentation opportunities.

While the old vanguard struggles with the transparent, hypersocial and collaborative aspects of today’s customer-driven environment, this type of audience interaction comes natural to startups. Case in point is FreshBooks, an online time tracking and invoicing company based in Toronto that caters to the SOHO market. This firm uses a variety of social media to stay in contact with customers, including traditional channels like phone and in-person meetings. In fact, a few members of the executive team recently conducted a road show, dubbed “RoadBurn,” reaching out to customers across the southern half of the U.S. What gave it a modern twist was the use

Last month, at the famous Puck Building in Soho, New York, art dealers and collectors gathered for the 15th annual Outsider Art Fair, to trade the works of artists who are outside the boundaries of the traditional art world. Outsider art describes work created by disenfranchised and, in many cases, institutionalized artists suffering from mental illness. Fountain House—an organization dedicated to the recovery and support of people suffering from mental illness—runs a nonprofit cooperative gallery for artists living with mental illness called Fountain Gallery. It used some of its members’ own visionary art, on note cards, to build its acquisition efforts. “We thought

A Hot Temper Could Mean a Cool Million Reports of the Russell Crowe incident and the promises made on the Mercer Hotel Web site appear to be at variance. At the Waldorf-Astoria, The Rittenhouse, The Peninsula, Raffles, Claridge's, or the George V, were a concierge to get into a physical altercation with a $3,000-a-night guest in the lobby then immediately head off to a personal injury lawyer to seek $1 million in damages? What is a luxury hotel? What is a concierge? Indisputable is the fact that Hollywood's most riveting and volatile actor, was paying $3,000 a night at the Mercer Hotel in trendy

By Paul Barbagallo Currently, 15 million small businesses are active in America, if you define a small business as an enterprise with one to 500 employees. By the fourth quarter of 2002, more than half of these small businesses saw improvement in sales from the three previous quarters, according to a survey conducted by Business Know-How, a small business online service for home office professionals and small businesses. A recent study by financial experts Cattles Invoice Finance reveals that, compared to 2001, almost 80 percent of small companies and self-run businesses enjoyed the same or higher profits in 2002, even though just under

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