With Google's latest algorithm update, Panda 4.0, online marketers, webmasters and business owners are trying hard to understand how this newest change is impacting the performance of their websites in Google's search results. Like many of Google's updates, Panda 4.0 emphasizes high-quality websites and content. But what does Google mean by "high quality"? And how can businesses make sure that their websites are in line with Google's expectations? These tips will help you keep your website fresh and maintain visibility in Google's search results.

It’s a stark verdict from a prominent source. “There are hundreds of thousands of people who were trained and mentored, and studied classical marketing, and they got good at it,” says Clark Kokich, chairman of digital agency Razorfish. Unfortunately, the world has changed—and that education is no longer relevant. “If your self-worth and your confidence is based on you being an expert, you’re in deep trouble, because there aren’t any experts,” says Kokich, ... “Sure, there are experts in some fields. Someone may be really good in SEO or in mobile. But there aren’t any experts in making this transition.”

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