Santa Clara, Calif.

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

How can sellers adapt and make the most out of a seemingly inevitable shift to viewability-based campaign measurement? How can they keep both their buyers and their CFOs happy at the same time? How can they make sure their content isn't devalued? The good news is with the right practices, viewability can work for you, not against you. The tools are arriving that can turn this perceived vulnerability into a new strength, even if it's a bit painful growing into it at first. Get on this five-step checklist and viewability can work for you:

These days, the value of using data to make marketing and business decisions is widely recognized. Technology gives us a more granular picture of where, when, who and even why people watch what they watch. Anyone who is trying to make money through video marketing is analyzing that data and finding out how to use viewing and monetization insights to increase revenue and lower costs. Here are five ways video analytics can help grow your business.

Want to create a huge botnet to distribute malware, pump out spam, crack passwords or knock your enemy's website offline? Don't bother with designing malware to break into strangers' computers. Instead, say two researchers, all you need to do is spend a few bucks buying online ads, which can hijack tens of thousands of Web browsers across the world—no hacking required. Last month ... the founder/chief technology officer and threat-research manager of White Hat Security ... showed how an online ad network could be used to create what they called a "million browser botnet."

For companies that had their heads in the clouds when it came time to upgrade their computers, Hewlett-Packard, Intel and JDA Software Group thought it was time for some skywriting. The technology firms sent out personalized direct mail pieces that featured a man with his arms spread upward, experiencing an epiphany due to these fluffy words forming above his head: “Bruce Schwartz, The Moment Has Arrived.”

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