San Rafael, Calif.

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

Sifting through mud—also known as endless consumer data streams—isn't how ADT does business. Instead, the Boca Raton, Fla.-based company synonymous with security systems prefers to make sure it finds the gold nugget prospects in the stream—the hot leads who are interested in buying its newest product—not the fool's gold.

Print Email Reprint Permissions Text: A | A | A More Database Marketing/CRM RELATED TOPICS Companies More in Database Marketing/CRM: When Clairmail, a San Rafael, Calif.-based mobile banking technology provider, was founded in 2004, the company had two sales people who prospected using only the contacts in their Rolodex. To grow, and to “be more professional” in its targeting, the company decided to buy lists and shop for bulk data, says Sean Mulvihill, director of marketing operations at Clairmail. During the company's second year, it worked with direct marketing companies Harte-Hanks and InfoUSA to enhance the prospect list

Much like comedians tend to find the humorous side to any situation, creatives look for inspiration at every turn. Take, for instance, Carolyn Goodman, managing partner for San Rafael, Calif.-based direct marketing company Goodman Marketing Partners, who came up with an idea for a personalized T-shirt premium for her client, greater San Francisco/Bay area jazz radio station KCSM-FM, at her children's swim meet.

Every day, it seems harder to get consumers to respond, and with marketing budgets continually getting slashed, offering premiums can seem like a dicey proposition. But Carolyn Goodman, managing partner and president of Goodman Marketing Partners, a San Rafael, Calif.-based direct marketing company, says premiums can provide an added boost to response. “I think today’s consumer is less willing to give you something for nothing,” she says.

E-mail clickthroughs can be like hubs on bicycle wheels. A lot is going on around them and needs to connect through them in order to deliver its rider to a destination. So direct marketers believe optimizing e-mail clickthrough rates will help them reach their goals of higher sales.

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