San Jose, Calif.

EBay on Sunday initiated a massive push against imminent Federal sales tax legislation after the online marketplace’s Chief Executive John Donahoe emailed millions of the company’s users lobbying for support. The San Jose, Calif., company has reportedly already sent tens of millions of emails urging its active U.S. sellers to push for changes to the bill known as the Marketplace Fairness Act. The legislation would ultimately allow all states to collect sales tax from online merchants, whether they have operations in that state or not. The e-commerce giant plans to send emails from Donahoe to at least 40 million eBay

If the goal of customer relationship management (CRM) is to meet consumers' needs on an individual basis, then there's not much more Hyundai could've done to help "Joe Sample" of "Any Town" arrive on time for the 45,000-mile service check on his Santa Fe. But Hyundai could optimize the channel used to contact Sample, and the auto manufacturer did so based on customer responsiveness, to the tune of double-digit reductions in print expenses.

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced new features and functionality have been added to the Adobe® Online Marketing Suite, powered by Omniture®. These new features include advanced bid strategies for Facebook ads, image ad support for the Google Content Network to more easily create and deliver ads, real-time personalization of content for native Blackberry and Android mobile apps, as well as reporting and dashboarding enhancements. Additiona

In today’s marketing environment, most B-to-B prospects are hesitant to just give away their individual and company data to any old marketer.

But while the task is daunting, B-to-B data capture is not a lost cause. In fact, the Web has made gathering information more efficient, if done correctly.

At Cisco, a dramatic shift is underway within the organization as it ventures into a new world of Web strategy, challenging its traditional tactics and integrating fresh principles to embrace an approach largely based on Web 2.0. What implications does this have for online lead generation? And what affect does this new perspective have on Cisco’s ability to drive conversion? Although the San Jose, Calif.-based supplier of networking hardware, software and service offerings is not entirely abandoning the “old world,” its traditional approach is being redefined within the parameters of the “new world,” and some innovative solutions and tactics are emerging as a result.

For direct marketers, a multimedia campaign used to mean coordinating direct mail, telemarketing and perhaps DRTV or space advertising. But for Arbor Networks, a network security and operational performance solutions provider in San Jose, Calif., these traditional options did not seem exciting enough for the launch of a lead generation campaign expected to expand the firm’s footprint in the competitive enterprise market. Instead, the company researched new media options, settling on a mix of an online video game, blog and 12-part podcast series to get its target market’s attention. In particular, the podcast series is inventive, using the fictional story lines of different types

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