San Francisco

San Francisco, the city where Uber started, still hasn’t forgiven the ride-sharing service for what New York cab drivers saw as capitalizing on a driver strike in protest of President Trump’s original travel ban. NYC residents who decided to #DeleteUber have also largely kept the app off of their phones, Recode reports on Wednesday in one of its most popular stories on the site.

Once consumers opt in for mobile marketing, marketers send push notifications. The problem is, they’re getting it wrong 63 percent of the time, says San Francisco-based mobile marketing platform provider Leanplum.

What’s more logical than realizing travel marketers' audiences may already be on the move and consuming content on smartphones? Not much. That’s why a mobile marketing vendor suggests such opportunities for travel marketers.

Jeff Bezos has publicly spoken out about Republican U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump, specifically around how Trump is handling being scrutinized.

Mobile, data and data-driven marketing technology (MarTech) drove startup funding last week. That’s the MarTech investors thought marketers would need, so click to take a closer look.

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