People move to new addresses everyday, but if marketers don't have the correct change of address information, direct mail becomes undeliverable, environmentally wasteful and costly for both the marketer and USPS.

Melissa Data, a provider of data quality and data enrichment solutions, today announced MatchUp Object, an API toolkit for finding and preventing duplicate records that is now multiplatform. With this news, Linux, Solaris, AIX and HPUX users can benefit from the advanced deduping power of MatchUp Object to find more duplicate records and gain a single accurate view of each customer.

(July 29, 2008) - Melissa Data, (www.melissadata.com), a developer of data quality and mailing preparation solutions, is arming local businesses with a strategy they can use to reach out to likely customers with direct mail - even during tough economic times. The strategy is called "saturation mailing" and it works by "saturating" a direct mail message within a localized area (i.e. a radius from your business, a ZIP CodeTM, city or county) by reaching the majority of households and/or businesses in a postal carrier route. "An economic downturn like we are experiencing now actually provides an opportunity for businesses to build greater market share by taking advantage of new buying concerns, projecting a stable image, and dominating the field when the competition is silent," said John Hull, Vice President of List Sales for Melissa Data. [...] a saturation mailing is the perfect vehicle for local businesses - it's a very cost-effective way to market to your best customers - your neighbors.

(June 23, 2008) - Melissa Data, (www.melissadata.com), a developer of high-performance mailing technology solutions, announced today that the company has published The Melissa Data Guide to International Address Formats - a single source of comprehensive information about international addressing for over 140 countries and territories, including examples of postal code and address formats. The Guide's compact size makes it a handy desktop reference and free updates are provided online so companies can keep pace with postal changes that affect the way international mail is delivered.

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