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Celebrities are only as good as their fans for brands. While Beyoncé may be the queen of Instagram, notably marketing her self-titled album on the platform, she did so for her own brand. Rihanna, on the other hand, was a huge endorsement win for Jeep. The explanation about this and

Viral marketing is tantalizing. The promise of vast coverage with minimal cost is alluring. The problem is bad news travels faster than good. Creating campaigns designed to become the next trending topic on Twitter is risky behavior. When attempts to manipulate the marketplace are discovered, the negative response irreparably damages the brand.

The only hard part of Publishers Clearing House's mobile marketing plan is going to be getting that huge check to fit in those tiny cell phones. In June, PCH launched two iPhone applications—PCH Trivia and PCH Slots—to begin its push into the mobile marketing arena. Historically a direct marketing giant, PCH expects a lot from this marketing channel that fits in the palm of a hand.

As the Internet gained popularity in the ’90s, Publishers Clearing House recognized this new medium was suited for our business model. While making the transition, we were mindful of the steps necessary to maintain PCH’s brand integrity. What follows are five tips we observed when creating the Publishers Clearing House Online Network.

Don’t dismiss video game play merely as a rite of adolescence. It represents a booming market that is seeing increases in the number of games available, types of systems and number of people playing. Research shows that most players are between the ages of 18 to 34; however, a recent study by Netherlands-based JuniorSeniorResearch suggests that 51 percent of teens under the age of 15 play video games. Demographics point to a decidedly male market willing to shell out big bucks in pursuit of its hobby. According to the NPD Group, a market research firm based in Port Washington, N.Y., total U.S. consumer spending

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