Pacific Rim

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

Marisa Anne Edmund, Target Marketing magazine's 2012 Direct Marketer of the Year, likes to think big. And in terms of the global picture, that means Edmund Optics (EO) needs to speak the languages people use around the world, to understand the language computers use and to recognize what its own people are saying when they need outside help.

“I know we can impact the environment by working with people who are as committed as we are,” asserts Marge Maxbauer, director of marketing for medical liability provider ProAssurance Group, when describing one of the key things her company is doing to improve the environmental footprint of its marketing efforts: partnering with like-minded vendors. That insistence on collaboration seems to be working, as ProAssurance Group has made great strides in implementing earth-friendly programs, particularly when it comes to production of its printed collateral. Maxbauer identifies four key environmental solutions that have come out of these partnerships. • Recycling—and not just of paper. ProAssurance’s print vendor

One of the most common mistakes of multicultural marketing is to assume that a specific call to action will appeal to all targets. With online surveys, marketers can identify how one culture might respond stronger to a certain offer or value proposition, while another may be more motivated to buy based on a manufacturer's reputation or product feature-set.      Sometimes you learn this by accident. For instance, a global manufacturer of GIS and mapping equipment wanted to survey customers and prospects to find out how it stacked up against competitors. ... Specific demographics such as country of residence were included in order

By Lisa Yorgey Lester Two new services recently have been launched to help U.S. marketers better serve their customers residing within Asia and the Pacific Rim. From the U.S. Postal Service comes an enhancement to its pre-existing Global Express Mail service—a five-day guaranteed delivery service. Until October, the date-certain guaranteed service was available to non-commercial mailers only. According to the USPS, the service has no hidden surcharges, and customers can track a shipment's progress online at, or by calling (800) 222-1811. Launched this summer, the Global Express Mail service with guarantee represents a historic agreement with the postal administrations

U.S. Direct Marketers Are Finding Success in Australia By Lisa A. Yorgey This year's Oscar race has been called an Australian invasion: Aussies were nominated in every award category. Indeed, this former British penal colony has permeated American pop culture—from Animal Planet's "Crocodile Hunter" to Nicole Kidman in "Moulin Rouge." Interest in the land down under, however, extends beyond the world of entertainment. With a largely English-speaking population of about 23 million and a well-developed list market, Australia is one of the few bright spots in the Pacific Rim for U.S.-based international direct marketers. Direct marketing now represents half of all media spending

By Lisa Yorgey U.S. Catalogers marketing in Japan May have been deflated by recession, but they are not defeated. In the mid-1990s, direct marketers sought riches in Japan much like the miners of the California gold rush. The yen reached an all-time high against the U.S. dollar in 1995, and Japanese consumers indulged their appetite for American goods. With an exchange rate of approximately 85 yen to $1, it was incredibly inexpensive for Japanese consumers to buy merchandise from U.S. catalogers who, in turn, were selling American products in Japan hand over fist. The U.S. mail-order frenzy also was perpetuated by the Japanese

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