Pacific Northwest

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It’s hard to turn on national news lately and not learn some new, dramatic winter weather-related terminology. With debilitating ice storms and power outages in the Mid-Atlantic, sub-zero temperatures in the Midwest and record snowfall in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve picked up a few new vocabulary words—Polar Vortex, Bombogenesis, Pineapple Express. These words, though, mean more than your customers being cold, frustrated and covered in snow (or ice); they mean you have a super-relevant hook to start conversations with your customers

I admit it. I am mesmerized by dancing tubes. These are the air-blown, wild weaving, waving, bending, bouncing plastic men you see out in front of car dealerships. Not only do they attract attention, it turns out these dancing tube men spook birds. The result: They are showing up in vineyards and fruit farms.

No one starts a lead generation program expecting it to fail. On the contrary, most marketers expect campaigns to succeed. But when goals are not based on historic data, campaigns can fall apart. There's nothing wrong with having high expectations for lead generation campaigns. However, basing success metrics on historic data can provide valuable insight that can help marketers structure campaigns so they can meet lofty goals.

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