While it may not have the star quality of more in-vogue direct marketing channels, for Southampton, Pa.-based garden tool marketer Mantis, insert media is something to get excited about. “It’s still a very important part of our media mix,” says Steve LePera, Mantis’ director of sales and marketing for mail order. Although LePera admits DRTV has become the company’s largest lead generation source, “there still has to be a base of what I call direct mail prospects driven by more traditional methods like package inserts … to our overall program,” he explains. The company participates in a wide range of programs, from Valpak to

Pat Corpora, president & CEO, By Lisa Yorgey Lester Giving Silkies hosiery continuity program a new pair of legs. Every workday, Pat Corpora comes into the office at 7:30 a.m. and heads for the mailroom, where he sifts through the orders that have come in overnight. This physical connection with the mail, says Corpora, gives him "a sense of the business." As president and CEO of HCI Direct, Corpora's business for the past three years has been putting the customer in control of the Bensalem, Pa.-based company's Silkies hosiery continuity program. With nearly 25 years of direct marketing experience, Corpora is well suited

It was December 1997 when Langhorne, PA-based Lenox Collections began talking about creating an internal database of product images. "We realized that to serve our many internal clients—including media and direct mail advertising, the catalog group, retail and U.K divisions and e-commerce—we needed access to our images through an inhouse archive," recalls Lisa Woodard, director of creative services for Lenox Collections, the direct marketing division of Lenox Inc. Until then, the company hadn't sat down and added up the value of this huge asset: It has over 2,000 solo product images valued at $800 a piece, totaling $1.6 million, plus another 1,200 catalog

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