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The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) inaugural 2020 Masters of Data and Technology Conference kicks off today. It will be interesting to learn how brands see themselves transformed by all the digital (and offline) data surrounding prospects and customers at this Magic Data Kingdom in Orlando.

Disney’s slogan for its parks, “where dreams come true,” became a nightmare on Wednesday with this headline: “Missing 2-year-old Boy Snatched by Alligator in Disney World Found Dead.” What can Disney’s marketers tell scared parents reading headlines like this one in the New York Daily News?

Besides MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, those critiquing gun marketing seem to be getting it all wrong. The news show host is one of the few correctly identifying the firearm and its manufacturer’s marketing message. So that brings into question — does gun marketing even matter if Americans can’t even identify a specific product, let alone its marketing message?

I have a new card collection, and I'm ready to deal. I'll give you two Lydia Pisanos and one Andrew Cameron for a Jeff Ashton. I also have doubles of Eric Lasso and an Antoinette Plogstedt in mint condition (no ketchup or coffee stains). Hundreds of thousands of the glossy mailers praising and panning candidates were delivered to Central Florida mailboxes in the weeks leading up to last week's primary election. ... But there is a socially redeeming purpose to this future blight on the landfill ... providing jobs and overtime for your fellow citizens.

"In today's 'age of austerity' every significant investment requires proof of bottom-line impact — a condition called Frugalnomics," said Tom Pisello Alinean research measured the engagement levels and derived value of Fortune 500, and select mid/small company social media campaigns. This research revealed that the ROI can be calculated through the Social Media Value Chain, a method for quantifying the costs, benefits and bottom-line value, including: The Social Media Value Chain research and key findings were embodied in a Social Media ROI Calculator to help marketers model the level-of-engagement and derive the investment requirements, benefits and ROI.

Some marketers get a warm and fuzzy feeling every time they think of how well Web analytics serve their companies. That's especially true for Carol Ott, director of e-commerce finance and Web analytics for San Diego-based PETCO.

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