Orlando, Fla.

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

Fans of Honor Society couldn't have gotten a better deal. Concertgoers who checked in on a mobile application got the ultimate offer from the Los Angeles-based band of New Yorkers—the musicians themselves.

In October, I attended the DMA08 show in Las Vegas and had the great pleasure of hearing Wayne Pick, executive creative director of Rapp New Zealand, talk about how truly creative direct mail can warm up cold prospects. He discussed how many folks are suffering from the double-whammy of fiscal and, to use his term, “time poverty” and simply require more innovative, relevant and even honest mail in order to respond.

For years, audiences have suspected that Britney Spears was lip-synching at her live performances. As one fan wrote in a blog: In her concerts when her microphone is turned on for her to talk to the audience, you can hear Spears gasping and trying to catch her breath and seconds later when she breaks back into song, she is smoothly singing without a problem, yet somehow her fans are just catching on that she might not be the “live” singer they thought she was. Last week, America’s hottest little pop tart was hoist by her own petard. During her show in Orlando, Fla., the

List spending is way up from last year, according to survey results released in mid-July by Teramedia Corp., a multichannel list management and data services firm in Orlando, Fla. Of the 6,435 survey respondents to its List Trends Poll 2006—with most at the account manager or marketing manager level—58 percent reported they are spending more on lists for marketing, despite the fact that their ROI is not keeping pace; a little more than one-third indicated no change in list ROI between now and 2005, and about another third succeeded in producing a higher ROI. While the investment in response, compiled and managed/subscriber files increased in

By Abny Santicola Whether tearing down, building anew or just buying, the real estate market is bursting at the seams and ripe for the picking. According to a recent article in The Philadelphia Inquirer, builders across the country increased the pace of new construction this spring, and house sales are aiming to set their fifth consecutive record this year. Turn on the TV any night of the week, and you're almost sure to come across something having to do with paint, drywall or bulldozers. Recognizing that, KeyBank's Real Estate Capital division set out to win over the movers and shakers of

By Russell Kern It's called lead generation, not purchase order generation, for a reason. On returning from this year's DMA Direct Marketing to Business conference in Orlando, Fla., I was surprised to have heard that B-to-B direct marketers still struggle with the results from their lead generation campaigns. At the trade show, I heard many conversations about how sales managers are complaining to direct marketing managers that their campaigns are not generating enough qualified leads. Worse, sales seems to be increasing its criticism of marketing for not knowing how to do its job. What sales seems to be asking direct marketers is: Why can't

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