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Denny Hatch is the author of six books on marketing and four novels, and is a direct marketing writer, designer and consultant. His latest book is “Write Everything Right!” Visit him at dennyhatch.com.

GDP what? That question sums up the main problem American marketers are having with the European Union’s privacy regulations. They don’t understand it and many of them don’t even think it applies to them. But now, all — every single one — of the European Union’s citizens will be protected by General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), whether they’re in Europe or not. And whether the businesses they patronize are in Europe or not. So we created a guide for marketers on GDPR compliance.

Dove created an affirming campaign about real beauty that went so right — showing women that they were truly radiant as they were. Then the brand started to go so wrong, with a body-shaming campaign that mocked the female form. Now, Dove’s done it again — intimating that a black woman should desire to be white, using the soap to wash away her color.

Robocalls are in the crosshairs. Among a lawsuit's defendants are Royal Caribbean Cruises, LTD, Carnival Corporation and PLC and NCL (Bahamas) LTD. Those cruise lines employed the Aurora, Ill.-based Resort Marketing Group to attempt to fill cabins on the three companies’ various cruise ships, according to the case.

When I attended grade school back in the Paleozoic Era, my classmates and I loved our weekly spelling contests where, no matter who our facilitator was, we looked not only to master our assigned words but also to tackle some wild card selections. Millions of years later, I still geek out on these letter placement challenges and am thankful that Google Trends recently released a map of the most misspelled word in each state, with some of the troublemakers striking me as “beautiful” reminders of how even common utterances can catch us by “surprise.”

Weather forecasters are predicting anywhere from six inches to a foot of snow today, and e-commerce marketers are predicting avalanches of sales. You see, IBM predicts that when flights are canceled, schools are closed, government offices are shuttered and many brick-and-mortar marketers take the day off, consumers spend a good portion of the day spending. Then there’s also the storm-related purchasing — which my local grocery store started pushing on Saturday, saying the weatherman used a four-letter word, “snow.”

Yesterday during his press conference, President-elect Donald Trump vowed to bring jobs to the states whose voters helped him win. He talked about car manufacturing jobs that will remain in the U.S. once he takes office in a few days and the companies that won’t be offshoring work because of his intervention.

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