Stockton native and Lincoln High graduate Deborah Elias Cantu tugs on heart strings, changes perceptions and leaves lasting impressions to build brands.

Google's not the only engine that's now mixing social media content into the search results page. At press time, Yahoo! and Bing were integrating Facebook and Twitter posts; Google was doing the same, as well as pulling content from MySpace.

With a strong outer envelope and equally impressive contents, Mills College beat out the other university efforts to be our “One to Watch” this month. A women’s college based in Oakland, Calif., it employs the same components of the later mailings discussed in “Highlights” above but to better effect (Archive code #596-712743-0711). First, the outer is designed to stand out and be opened. Tri-colored and including an inviting photograph of two young students smiling while studying together, it features the teaser line, “What you don’t know could help you. The 10 Secrets of smart women revealed.” Second, the letter inside hits on all the

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