Oak Brook

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

It's like happily arriving at the door with a plate of peanut butter fudge—when the person you've been dating has already mentioned eating nuts could kill him. Or, in a monetary sense, it's how a bad record can cost a company $100, "like an ink spot that never comes out," says Mary Miller, global director of marketing at Oak Brook, Ill.-based mardevdm2, a global B-to-B marketing and data services division of Reed Business Information.

Mardev-DM2 (www.mardevdm2.com), a global B-to-B marketing services agency, today announced the launch of its new global website to meet the data, marketing strategy and campaign management needs of business marketers around the globe. The site hosts more than 150 business list datacards representing more than 25 global markets as well as a new online count tool. The site is being demonstrated at the DMA 2010 show in San Francisco, CA. The recently merged entity maintains as the foundation of its marketing services a global database of 50 million sourced and qualified business decision makers who have

We all understand the sense of urgency to produce and the need to control costs while still meeting deadlines and sales targets. After all, that's business. However, green marketing is a concept that, when implemented effectively, can improve your customer relationships, image in the market and ability to reach the most targeted audience, while helping grow your bottom line.

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