Marketing Sustainably: A blog posting questions, opportunities, concerns and observations on sustainability in marketing. Chet Dalzell has 25 years of public relations management and expertise in service to leading brands in consumer, donor, patient and business-to-business markets, and in the field of integrated marketing. He serves on the ANA International ECHO Awards Board of Governors, as an adviser to the Direct Marketing Club of New York, and is senior director, communications and industry relations, with the Digital Advertising Alliance. Chet loves UConn Basketball (men's and women's) and Nebraska Football (that's just men, at this point), too! 

We are well into Q2, and the pandemic is having a detrimental impact on U.S. marketing spend. How much so? Firm principal Bruce Biegel recently updated some parts of The Winterberry Group's Annual Outlook report as COVID19 took hold, citing various sources — and the updated data is worth a look.

Printing Industries Alliance (PIA) is pleased to announce a new initiative to serve the needs of the direct mail business, the PIA Mailers Council. The board of directors for the former NY Metro Idealliance Chapter recently voted to join with Printing Industries Alliance to form the PIA Mailers Council. The new PIA Mailers Council will be open to all mailing companies, as well as mailers/printers, initially within the Printing Industries Alliance footprint.

Cut your instructional copy in half. Having too many words on a Web page is retail suicide. It's 2005; people don't need a dissertation explaining the intricacies of your registration process. Providing instructions on how to operate basic navigation tools or redundant copy describing your rationale for organizing category listings in a particular manner diverts the attention of consumers who are shopping online because they are busy and seeking quick gratification. —excerpt based on research by Optimost, a NY-based technology & services company specializing in online multivariable testing, www.optimost.com  

By Ed Fischer and David Raab In today's competitive arena, marketing the right product to the right person at the right time can spell success. Customer relationship management (CRM) technologies can help. But how do you decide what solutions to select? David M. Raab, a marketing technology consultant and partner of Chappaqua, NY-based Raab Associates, is considered one of the top industry experts on CRM systems. Ed Fischer, contributing editor of Target Marketing magazine, talked with Raab about the state of CRM technology and how marketers can better select solutions that meet their needs. Target Marketing: What is an adequate definition

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