North Andover, Mass.

The best way for marketers to make the most of their customer relationships is to understand their customers' needs, wants, values. That’s precisely why customer segmentation is so vital—it provides valuable information about customers so marketers can furnish stronger, more targeted offers.

The trouble is customer segmentation comes with its challenges, and marketers often trip up during the process. Here, industry professionals discuss common mistakes marketers should avoid when performing customer segmentation.

As marketers develop creative ways to maximize ROI using existing customer lists to help offset increased postage and paper costs, e-mail appending offers a solution. Focusing on the quality, not the quantity, of your e-mail append can help make the most of this approach by leading to better response rates. Dave Fallon, Internet marketing strategist at North Andover, Mass.-based L-com Connectivity Products, recently partnered with Newton, Mass.-based e-mail hygiene provider FreshAddress and achieved a 22 percent lift in response to his company’s e-mail programs. Here, Fallon discusses who should consider e-mail appending, best practices for choosing an e-mail appending provider and how to follow e-mail appending etiquette.

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