New York, N.Y.

In my life, I've had a lot of mailboxes. My current box (New York, N.Y.) is part of an apartment building cluster box—and one that proudly holds about four to five days' worth of mail, including magazines and catalogs. I can run off for a day or two and the incoming mail safely, securely collects there without my having to fill out a "hold mail" card at the local Murray Hill post office

Direct marketers interested in finding out if their products and services might appeal specifically to different multicultural audiences should consider insert media options. Although some firms drive all their direct sales through insert media, plenty of others turn to these media programs as a less expensive testing ground for offers, creative and niche markets. Insert media expert Arlene Rosen, president of New York, N.Y.-based ARA Media Solutions, shares some insights on how to reach niche markets via various types of insert programs. Target Marketing: What role does insert media play in helping marketers reach niche markets, such as Hispanics, Asian Americans and the GLBT

A spate of do-not-mail bills has been introduced in state legislatures in the past few months. While these are attempts to capitalize on the extremely popular Do-Not-Call Registry, nationally maintained by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the sponsors of these new bills also claim the prevention of identity theft and environmental concerns as motivations. At the time of this writing, two bills already had been pulled or withdrawn by their sponsors (Colorado HB 1303 and Montana HB 718) in the wake of concerted opposition from groups such as the U.S. Postal Service, Letter Carriers’ associations and the Direct Marketing Association. In withdrawing their bills, the

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