New England

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

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Mark Twain was only half joking when he said, "If you don't like the weather in New England, then wait a few minutes." Growing up in Massachusetts I distinctly remember days when one minute it would be raining or snowing, and the next minute it would be clear skies.

On Jan. 27, the subject line of "Boots to take on the storm" hit my email inbox at 8:00 a.m. Unlike a lot of the other emails residing in my Gmail promotion tab, this message got my attention as snow dropped quietly out of the gray skies in the Philadelphia-metro area. True, our area was not hit nearly as hard by winter storm Juno, unlike areas in New England, but boot designer SOREL jumped on the weather condition and used the time to promote its boots.

"News from Badger" reads the subject line in the latest email from Badger Balm, a family-owned and operated "B Corporation" based in New Hampshire. That's just some New England modesty on display, as the rest of the email works hard at engaging the company's customers, as well as informing them of sale prices on organic lotions, soaps, body care and hair care products.

Cathedral Corporation, a national provider of transactional documents, customer care communications, personalized direct mail and e-marketing programs, has named Kimberley J. Waltz, a nationally recognized industry leader in the postal service, as its Vice President for Postal Affairs and Business Development. "Kim's extensive knowledge of the postal industry and its communications network, including her ability to analyze postal issues, offers a tremendous resource for Cathedral customers," said Marianne W. Gaige, President and CEO of Cathedral Corporation. "Her standing within the postal service and insight into future strategy will help our customers gain a

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