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Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

US Monitor has announced that it has added a comprehensive mail condition reporting service to its mail tracking and list protection services in response to the increased incidence of mailings being delivered in poor condition. The new service lets mailers know if poor condition is affecting their mail delivery and whether damaged mailings or missing inserts are hurting their response rates. A recent project involving a national catalog brand showed that 23 percent of the catalogs received by our field agents arrived in poor condition.

By Paul Barbagallo As the Bush administration continues to inspire fear in the hearts of America's liberals—enough to get them to ink up a fat check to the democratic cause of their choice—the albatross of characterizing this donor market persists for left-wing fund-raisers. Unlike conservatives, who are typically affluent, family-oriented, well-educated and suburban, liberals are more pervasive throughout society, thus difficult to encapsulate with a quick snapshot. "For the most part, the conservative donor market is a very cut and dry group of individuals. The liberal market [however], is very large and very hard to pinpoint," avows Bart Loring, president and founder of

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