In 2008, the British government put the state-owned and ailing Royal Mail postal service up for sale. Only two parties were interested: London private equity company CVC Capital Partners, and the Netherlands’ postal service TNT.

Don’t dismiss video game play merely as a rite of adolescence. It represents a booming market that is seeing increases in the number of games available, types of systems and number of people playing. Research shows that most players are between the ages of 18 to 34; however, a recent study by Netherlands-based JuniorSeniorResearch suggests that 51 percent of teens under the age of 15 play video games. Demographics point to a decidedly male market willing to shell out big bucks in pursuit of its hobby. According to the NPD Group, a market research firm based in Port Washington, N.Y., total U.S. consumer spending

By Lisal Yorgey When Wegener Direct Marketing decided to take its Info Service program into France, it started at ground zero. Citing differences between France and other European markets, Christine Zeigler, director of marketing, Wegener Direct Marketing France, says the company decided to launch "from scratch" rather than rely on customer information gleaned from companion programs in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, to name a few. This will allow it to determine the profile of its French customers based on an objective test, according to Ziegler, who explains that a back-end analysis of the response file will enable it to find

Made up by the countries of Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands, the Benelux is home to a well-developed direct marketing infrastructure. Combine that with its central location and you have a region worthy of consideration, as a target market as well as an entrance to the European continent. The Benelux is a good point of entry to Europe for three key reasons: 1. Direct marketing infrastructure: It has a "super infrastructure, not only for the region itself, but as a springboard for the rest of Europe," points out Jim Foster, managing director of DMC International. "The direct marketing infrastructure is in

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