Nashville, Tenn.

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Consumers seeking meek and mild entertainment probably won't be tuning in to Thursday night's TNA "iMPACT!" or opting in to receive direct marketing messages from representatives of the show's professional wrestlers. But fans of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling are a wilder lot, and they've been responding positively to the entertainment empire that knows them so well. In fact, Nashville, Tenn.-based TNA Wrestling has been shifting more of its advertising spend toward direct marketing.

In the second presidential debate in October in Nashville, Tenn., amid the financial collapse, Tom Brokaw asked the candidates who they might pick as secretary of the Treasury. My choice for Treasury secretary: Robert S. Kaplan, professor of management practice at Harvard Business School and a former vice chairman at Goldman Sachs. Who?

By Hallie Mummert With no apparent trends on the horizon, mailers stick to the tried-and-true outer styles he word on the street is that marketers are starting to test and mail more campaigns. But, somehow, this upswing in mailing activity has not given many marketers the undeniable urge to venture into new waters with respect to envelope creative. "Overall, mailers are being conservative and not 'pushing the envelope,' so to speak," says Rebecca DePriest, a freelance designer in Nashville, Tenn. Sticking close to proven creative strategies is a sign that while direct mail budgets are getting larger, marketers still have to plan for reliable

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