Napa Valley

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If there is one recession-proof item in the hard-hit merchandise sector, that some folks even like to "invest in," it's alcohol. Wine clubs, for instance, remain popular and with many states getting rid of their old blue-state laws prohibiting the sale of alcohol from outside of the state, the marketing of these clubs though direct mail has been on the increase in the last year while most overall direct volume is significantly down.

Can you imagine being a Napa Valley resident and winning USA Today’s “Pick a Trip Sweepstakes”—a two-night/three-day vacation to New York—and spending 24 hours in transit from San Francisco to New York, the result of a busted temperature gauge in the left engine? Gaga with jet lag, your three halcyon days in the Sour Apple would be two dismal daze before boarding a big jet for the return three-hour assault on your internal clock. Thank goodness my wife, Peggy, and I had planned 10 days in France, not just three or four. I applaud the safety consciousness of US Airways, but what a horrendous

St. Supéry Vineyards & Winery, in Napa Valley, is an example of a marketer that has successfully implemented an outsourced CRM solution. Its objective was to increase the percentage of its business that is direct to consumer. St. Supéry determined that outsourcing was the correct path due to low start-up costs, access to leading technology and the ability to develop marketing campaigns on a “pay as you go” basis. Quaero worked with St. Supéry to design and build its marketing data mart, and its reporting and campaign-management capabilities. We also integrated customer-transaction detail (response-tracking information) from the vendor St. Supéry uses to support its

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