Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

During the past few years, as social media has become a bigger part of the digital marketing picture, there have been several highly publicized social media blunders by big brands. The most recent examples are the @Patriots tweet and U.S. Airways' graphic photo, which someone managing the airline company's Twitter account accidentally tweeted to a customer.

At age 7, Marisa Anne Edmund was already an experienced direct mailer. Wearing roller skates while packing boxes of expensive optical components, she'd already started her career at her family's Barrington, N.J.-based optics, imaging and photonics technology company, Edmund Optics (EO). At the moment, she's EO's executive vice president of marketing and communications and its vice president of human resources. And while the former roller-skating packing line worker is known for injecting a bit of fun into the otherwise serious world of engineers, what really sets her apart is her ability to see the big picture.

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