Mountain View, Calif.

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

The Web started as a relatively static medium. Websites had content that was mostly flat and rarely changed. Flash forward 20 years, the Web is filled with super-dynamic sites and applications. This shift has forced Web performance experts to create new ways to objectively measure the performance of an application or site

For some consumers, social networking sites have taken on personality traits that reflect who they may log in as and communicate with. Facebook might be a boyfriend. LinkedIn is a boss. Twitter is filled with acquaintances to say "hi" to in the hall.

Sometimes context means everything. Especially when an e-mail contains "XXX." So while Super Bowl fans may have found messages from the National Football League innocuous, spam filters did not. The filters didn't bother to understand the concept of Roman numerals that counted out the games between 30 and 39. So e-mail experts did, and here they provide more tips for marketers in similar fixes.

Blockbuster days are ahead for direct marketers who find a niche in social media marketing; perhaps especially for those at the namesake movie rental outfit that is capitalizing on helping Facebook poker players who go bust.

Whether its customers walk into a coffee shop in Anywhere, U.S.A. and want to be able to simply look down at their chests to know if the building has wireless Internet service or those consumers want to exhibit a professional laser light show at home, says it has the products they need. Plus, both the $29.99 Wi-Fi Detector Shirt and the $1,999.99 ProLaserFX Showcube purchases can earn them free gadgets, courtesy of the Geek Points loyalty program.

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