Montclair, N.J.

With no starbursts, testimonials or exclamation points, and not even a fourth color, this is not your typical direct mail brochure. Yet Atlantic Theater Co.'s brochure-style self-mailer makes a strong sell for the off-Broadway organization's 2008-09 lineup.

By shifting the company's primary focus and attention to prospects who haven't even heard of it yet, a company can enter the domain of the market leaders. ... Instead of doing what everyone else does, plant good ideas with non-customers—when they're not even looking—by waking them up to exciting possibilities. Some principles to consider: 1. Start selling a promise instead of a thing. 2. Connect with consumers through their emotions by promoting an idea that offers a better vision; a better tomorrow. 3. Plant the idea of a new problem among the vast universe of non-buyers—then offer a better solution. 4. Define what

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