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When I attended grade school back in the Paleozoic Era, my classmates and I loved our weekly spelling contests where, no matter who our facilitator was, we looked not only to master our assigned words but also to tackle some wild card selections. Millions of years later, I still geek out on these letter placement challenges and am thankful that Google Trends recently released a map of the most misspelled word in each state, with some of the troublemakers striking me as “beautiful” reminders of how even common utterances can catch us by “surprise.”

The baby bison picture that went viral during the weekend and into Tuesday breaks every animal lover’s heart — possibly even the hearts of the tourists whose actions killed the animal. As the spotlight on the bison calf’s fate of being shunned by other bison due to excessive human attention and, therefore, needing to be euthanized gains steam, travel marketers may be concerned that the next victim will be tourism.

1963 was a momentous year in America: President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech at the March on Washington and, somewhat less heralded by all but the most fervent postal historians, the ZIP code was introduced. Since its founding in 1775, the post office relied on hand sorting based on local addresses to get mail where it was supposed to go. A piece of mail often went through 10 postal workers before making it to its recipient. But by the 1940s

Challenge: Lead generation aimed at adding to the e-mail database, increasing the Facebook following, testing mobile marketing and driving traffic to the restaurants. Solution: Provide a free burger with contest sign-up; provide dessert incentives for e-mail and mobile sign-up; and give away a Toyota Prius for the best Ted’s Burger love story submitted online via video, image, audio or text document. Results: 6,622 entries, of which 52 percent opted in to the e-mail program. Ted’s Facebook page saw a 40 percent increase in fans during March, bringing the total to 1,996. Plus, 394 customers wanted to receive text messages.

You probably have never heard of an eccentric entrepreneur named Andrew Harper who lives in Sun Valley, MT. Not unless you maintain an income level in excess of $600,000 and frequently vacation to safari lodges in South Africa and the country inns of Western New England. These affluent individuals subscribe to the Andrew Harper's Hideaway Report, a monthly newsletter about off-the-beaten-path, unspoiled getaway spots written by none other than Andrew Harper. While running a small operation in the mountains of Montana with an intimate staff, Harper records his eclectic travel experiences and delivers an exclusive, underground-guru report to 25,000 readers worldwide. In its

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