Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

Hyundai donates money for every car sold toward childhood cancer research in pursuit of a cure — $130 million since the program started 20 years ago. Most Hyundai owners haven’t even realized their purchases contributed to that. Now many of them will.

Gen Zers are ready to tell marketers how to reach out to them properly, says Business Insider’s article “Forget About Millennials — Experts Are Now Going After Marketing to Generation Z.”

If there’s a theme attached to the marketing technology (MarTech) that got funding between Jan. 10 to 16, it’s that investors think marketers need software to communicate with customers and consumers, while simultaneously organizing and analyzing all of that communication.

On Wednesday, a Minnesota man in a healing profession was being skewered on social media for allegedly luring a lion out of an animal conservancy in Zimbabwe and shooting the animal with a bow and arrow on July 6. ... The impact on his business offers marketers an extreme cautionary tale about vetting vendors, because casting blame on them in a crisis may not save the brand.

A letter from Wells Fargo Bank pitching a debt consolidation loan to my wife was so off base it could only have been generated by a computer. No actual banker could have looked at my wife’s accounts and concluded that she needs a loan. She’s as conservative as Ben Franklin, with saving and spending habits formed back when she was a commercial real estate broker and wanted her money to last through the next closing. That letter had to have been just another data-driven marketing pitch

Of all the commercial uses one can think of for drones, beer delivery to ice fishermen might not be the first. "It's not a problem that's been really rampant among ice fishermen," says Jack Supple, president of Lakemaid Beer and the chief creative officer of Minneapolis marketing agency Pocket Hercules. "They know how to put beer in their trucks and drive it out there." Still, Supple thought that having drones deliver beer would be a fun way to promote the debut of Lakemaid's seasonal winter lager, and ice fisherman might order beer via drone just for the sheer entertainment value. 

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