Madison, WI

When you think about February, it’s easy to picture Valentines Day, Presidents Day, and snowy weather. Small business owners in the HVAC and lawn care industries, however, associate February with something completely different — purchasing mailing lists and promoting their business through direct mail.

by Liam Crotty Proven direct response techniques are the cornerstone of any successful direct mail campaign. Using the same 5,000 prospect names, Wingra Technologies went from a bleak six responses to an impressive 344 by incorporating seven classic direct-response tools. These techniques can be applied to virtually any industry—including your own. The Direct Mail Challenge Wingra Technologies of Madison, WI, is a business-to-business software company that is an industry leader in e-mail migration—the process of merging many different e-mail systems into one seamless package. Wingra had been creating its direct mail packages in-house to promote its e-mail migration software and generating minimal results.

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