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Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

Frogs, fish, dogs, spiders, hyenas, chimps and others in the animal kingdom all have an innate ability for counting. But we humans are easily fooled by numbers, especially when they’re presented in context. Learning to exploit the power of context can pay off big for marketers, but at the same time, marketers need to be careful not to be fooled themselves.

What should Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump do with Trump Brand? The brand has traditionally been positioned as upscale: hotel rooms that start at $400; golf club memberships for up to $200,000; $50 cologne; $40 wines; $175 ties. But with the president’s low approval ratings, things have not gone well in some of the Trump businesses — paving the way for some geo-demographic segmentation opportunities.

Say “United,” and the instant mental image is of a bloodied passenger being dragged off of a flight. The airline met that brand crisis with a statement the public greeted with ire. So that may be why United is “quietly” rolling out a new program to deal with overbooking — the practice of selling more seats than a plane actually houses, which is the stated reason the bloodied passenger was dragged down an aisle.

Kim Kardashian West "ignites controversy" with a Virgin Mary candle. This seems like a major brand awareness campaign. That may not sound like it makes sense, as Kim K. is angering many people. But in the school of any publicity is good publicity, which brands like Urban Outfitters, Zara and Nordstrom may have graduated from recently with their controversial products, Kim K. is taking it to the highest level.

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