Irving, Texas

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

The email marketing benchmark is set. Among 8.7 billion emails sent in Q3 2014 by 140 marketers in 13 industries, open rates rose while click rates fell. "Both trends [are] likely the result of an increase in mobile device usage," according to Irving, Texas-based marketing firm Epsilon, an Alliance Data company.

It seems as though the subject line should read "Fear Is a Prison," but Irving, Texas-based marketing services firm Epsilon leads with "Only 44% of Organizations Feel Their C-Suite 'Gets' Digital." The consequence of the key takeaway from the Aug. 25 release of Epsilon and Econsultancy survey results is those companies aren't "developing effective strategies to address" the digital marketplace.

Like the apple in the Garden of Eden, marketers want to take a bite out of cross-channel marketing opportunities. While it is clear that marketers understand there is opportunity in cross-channel marketing, what is equally clear is that the scope of the opportunity is, at times, eluding the most sophisticated marketers. With that in mind, let's review some of the basic stats that underpin the cross-channel opportunity.

Bad prospect data may be costing companies millions. At the same time, consumers are concerned about maintaining their privacy. The solution, according to representatives of Epsilon Targeting and Marketfish, is respectful, effective data appending.

Global economic slowdown. Double-dip recession fears. Cash hoarding. Whatever catchphrase those who aren't spending money are using to justify their miserly behavior, consumers who actually are spending money would prefer hearing  different words coming from credit card companies: "Thank you, and here's your reward."

Challenge: Retain churchgoers.
Solution: Mobile marketing, sending daily text messages.
Results: Of the 125 church members and attendees who participated, 100 percent have remained worshippers.

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