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Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

Well, travel marketers, do you want to dance under the moonlight with all of the Millennial tourists who will waltz to your tune? Brand USA does, so it partnered with Spotify “to create more than 20 playlists customized according to different U.S. city soundscapes,” reports Marketing Dive on Friday.

Amazon’s drive for global domination took on a new dimension recently, when it was revealed that the world’s largest online retailer now owns a day of the week. … In a country where the laws of retail commerce have long since trumped religious custom on Sundays, shipping has remained a stubborn holdout. It’s extra surprising that the organization to finally break that tradition would be a lumbering independent federal agency rather than a private company—especially because the Postal Service has been talking about cutting rather than expanding the number of days it delivers. Yet if any company could

Catalog Spree, a leading catalog shopping app, says mobile e-commerce has really taken off over the past eight months, with the iPad accounting for about half of the traffic. According to statistics culled from its user data, more than half of iPad shoppers are women; 62 percent female and 38 percent male. The average age of the mobile shopper is 25 to 54. Among their other findings, shoppers seem to be doing their online browsing after dinnertime, with 6 p.m. PST being the peak time.

The best solution, really, to improving customer interaction with the call center is to have agents who are up to the task of having natural conversations. That's the advice marketing vendors provided when asked to suggest ways to perfect call center scripts.

With 90 percent of Americans using cell phones, many marketers may not be surprised that studies are emerging showing that mobile customers convert at significantly higher rates than online consumers—even when viewing the same offer. The device that's often with them all day is a perfect one-on-one marketing opportunity. Now all marketers have to do is figure out exactly who's holding the phone.

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