Hollywood, Fla.

As marketing and advertising technology become more sophisticated and an increasing number of households surf the Web at broadband speeds, interactive videos and adver-gaming are gaining popularity. According to Henry Woodman, president of Hollywood, Fla.-based Internet content provider ICE Portal, “We are the TV generation; adver-gaming, video and rich media will all become part of the ad experience.” Adver-games are interactive advertisements containing mini-video games or click-to-play games. They entertain and engage consumers by allowing them to interact with content, for example, by clicking on virtual tours, pausing and playing video. Showing a product as part of the adver-game experience “can be very powerful and

Banks mystify me. They should be great one-to-one direct marketers, but they’re just not! It’s not only the stilted letter copy printed in mouse type, “my eyes glaze over” offers or the stock photo brochures with more legal disclaimers than actual selling copy. It’s the staggering mismanagement of information. Better yet, complete ignorance of information that, with minimal effort, could make them lots of money. When we were getting ready to move from New York City to Hollywood, Fla., banks were the first companies notified. My assistant Kate sent about 50 letters to banks, credit card companies, insurance companies and brokerages, and I figured I’d get

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