Grand Canyon

Peggy Hatch is a senior advisor at NAPCO Media. A direct mail copywriter, she co-founded Who’s Mailing What! with her husband Denny Hatch. Her previous position at NAPCO Media was Group President for the Target Marketing Group.

As 2014 draws to a close, I began thinking about the past 12 months and some of the lessons learned and the new words, concepts, techniques and technologies that have entered our marketing world. It boggles the mind! Here's what I learned ... how about you?

From Dallas to Detroit, Nome to San Juan, and 115 national parks, memorials and historical sites in between, recycling mail at Post Offices has just gotten more convenient. With more than 10,000 locations across the country, nearly 50 percent more than last year, it's even easier to be green by recycling Post Office Box mail. Post Office Box customers can recycle mail at participating national park Post Offices, including those located at Crater Lake, Everglades, Grand Canyon, Kenai Fjords, Olympic, Redwood, Sequoia, Yosemite and Zion. Recycling is also available in Post Offices at national historical sites including Cape Cod

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