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Chuck McLeester's blog explores issues about marketing and marketing measurement. He is a marketing strategist and analyst with experience in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, financial services, pet products, travel/hospitality, publishing and other categories. He spent several years as a client-side direct marketer and 25 years on the agency side developing expertise in direct, digital, and relationship marketing. Now he consults with marketers and advertising agencies to create measurable marketing programs.

Even in a highly regulated or commoditized industry, you can craft powerful value propositions. Marketers in these industries often lament “We can’t create a powerful value proposition for our brands and products.” Essentially, all their competitors have the same products and they are forced to compete on price.

Today, Facebook users will see a notice at the top of their News Feeds, showing them which apps they use and what data those apps may house — which means that data is available to third parties. They’ll feel like products whose data is sold to marketers, instead of consumers served by data-backed marketing, according to an article yesterday in The New York Times.

Spring has arrived! For some, springtime can symbolize new life and a period of rejuvenation. Professionals looking to sharpen their marketing skills can learn a thing or two from the way in which spring can capture the fundamentals of marketing and strategic thinking. Standing out in today’s jam-packed market can sometimes prove challenging. Spring can be an excellent way to start anew with innovative strategies.

What should Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump do with Trump Brand? The brand has traditionally been positioned as upscale: hotel rooms that start at $400; golf club memberships for up to $200,000; $50 cologne; $40 wines; $175 ties. But with the president’s low approval ratings, things have not gone well in some of the Trump businesses — paving the way for some geo-demographic segmentation opportunities.

Mobile, data and data-driven marketing technology (MarTech) drove startup funding last week. That’s the MarTech investors thought marketers would need, so click to take a closer look.

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