Farmington Hills

If there's a subject that gets most copywriters, especially those who write in the squeezed publishing sector, fired up, it's vouchers. Simply put, most hate them because these "is it a bill?" mailers have replaced many full-blown acquisition or retention packages that used to be their bread-and-butter work. It's not just that jobs have been taken away, they say, but also the meaning of their work, as so many publications are, in essence, sending a much less impressive representative now—the lowly voucher.

The outer envelope. Unexplored territory? A blank canvas? Not so fast. These days, “less copy on the outer often yields a better response,” states Todd Lerner, copywriter/designer and owner of Todd Lerner Advertising in Farmington Hills, Mich. 1. Less Makes It More … Personal “If you’re trying to make it look more personal, you probably don’t put charts and graphs on the back [of the outer] because then it’s an immediate tip-off that you’re selling something,” says Pat Friesen, copywriter and owner of Pat Friesen & Company in Kansas City, Kan. Because she’s presently working with an older, educated audience that “doesn’t like hype,”

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