Fairfield County

Denny Hatch is the author of six books on marketing and four novels, and is a direct marketing writer, designer and consultant. His latest book is “Write Everything Right!” Visit him at dennyhatch.com.

When I ran this magazine, I told the editors we were experts talking to experts. They not only had to understand everything they wrote, but they also had to be able to explain it to their grandmothers. “This is the real world,” I admonished them. “We cannot fake it.”

Think of some of the Fortune 100 companies based in the New York City metropolitan area. Chances are their CEOs and presidents live in a wealthy Fairfield County, CT, suburb. And if so, they may very well do their shopping at Mitchells of Westport. That's where these executives find the Armani suits they like, sold to them the personal and old-fashioned way. And it's all made possible through a comprehensive database of customer information. Mitchells started out as a small family-owned boutique in Westport, CT, specializing in high-end apparel. It's been around since 1958, when it was founded as Ed Mitchell's by the

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