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Alon Alroy is co-founder and CMO at Bizzabo. Reach him at alon@bizzabo.com.

In principle, U.K. firms will no longer have any right to undertake business with E.U.-based clients, and E.U.-based firms will no longer have rights to deal with U.K. clients.

Digital and direct marketers are readying for another blow from the European Union in the form of data privacy regulation. ePrivacy Regulation is going to attempt to seal the holes the E.U. left with GDPR. And American marketers will be subject to ePrivacy Regulation, too, regarding their marketing to E.U. citizens.

Best uses of direct mail can do everything from providing marketers with insight into improving their ROI to helping them gain consumer opt-in in scary data-gathering times. Regardless, marketers are spending heavily in direct mail this year. So it’s time to go over these three insights.

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