Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

E-commerce marketers like Fair Indigo or any marketers with positive brand perceptions who accept PayPal may want to rethink that decision for the time-being. PayPal is being sued for allegedly misleading donors to the PayPal Giving Fund.

All of our jobs are all in real danger. The email channel and even online marketing as we know it are facing serious threats, and not necessarily from forces hostile to marketing. I'm entering my second year as chairman of the Direct Marketing Association, and GetResponse's Jim Ducharme asked a question that reminded me of this ... "What's the biggest threat facing email marketers in 2013?" That's easy: The amount of pending legislation and regulation all over the world-on both the collection and use of data for marketing purposes-is absolutely terrifying.

Conventional wisdom and common sense indicate that in order to be a successful organization, your best bet is to be well-liked. But when more and more mail looks the same, following conventional wisdom isn't always a good idea.

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