Collin Street

By Tracy A. Gill Since 1997, one tell-tale sign that the holiday season is fast approaching in the Who's Mailing What! Archive has been the white #10 envelope of Collin Street Bakery's prospecting control. So, you can imagine our surprise this fall when instead we saw a very different effort from Collin Street make its debut as the bakery's new control. One of the ingredients that helped this new package unseat that long-standing control is clear right from your first look at the full-color, #10 outer envelope; in large, bold letters directly above the address window is the phrase, "Native Texas Pecan

It's not beginning to look a lot like Christmas just yet, but retailers know the importance of preparing early. With 1999 holiday shoppers spending an average of $1,080 on gift purchases, the sheer numbers can be daunting. Now is the time to gear up. "Gearing up" can mean lots of different things, from accepting orders on the Web; to dealing with customers over the phone; to delivering packages on time. There are several details to tend to long before you hear the first Christmas carol. Have a look inside some successful operations to learn how to begin. Christmas is Its Business Collin Street

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