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Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

Content marketing is generally practiced by brands that already have firm identities, but their use of content marketing has its own cognitive dissonance. Is it doing good or doing evil? Do its creators know? Its inherent struggle is based on monetization, in more ways than one.

Marketers consistently rank email as the “single-most-effective tactic” for raising brand awareness, lead acquisition, conversion, and retention. According to an Adobe study from 2018, “60% of customers … prefer to be contacted by brands via email.”

It’s encouraging to see a resurgence in the quantity and quality of B2B marketing conferences and trade shows these days. For a while there, I was worried, as event after event went dark. Part of the upturn is due to the growth of the proprietary client conference.

"Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri" is the story of a woman, played by Frances McDormand, who takes matters into her own hands by putting up three billboards (hence, the name) to question local law enforcement when it doesn't adequately investigate the murder of her daughter.

Some brands selling food or operating restaurants think of themselves as healthcare marketers. The FDA often stops these claims in marketing, but some glaring exceptions seem to apply. And a recent extensive article in the New York Times about KFC’s marketing in Ghana brings that into focus, prompting the question of whether healthcare marketers should specifically address fast food ads in their patient marketing.

What should Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump do with Trump Brand? The brand has traditionally been positioned as upscale: hotel rooms that start at $400; golf club memberships for up to $200,000; $50 cologne; $40 wines; $175 ties. But with the president’s low approval ratings, things have not gone well in some of the Trump businesses — paving the way for some geo-demographic segmentation opportunities.

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