Charleston, S.C.

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

Robin Williams was selfish when he committed suicide, because it ruined his day, an acquaintance told me on the train on Monday night. With the news just 90 minutes old on the East Coast, my acquaintance was probably trying to be funny. This acquaintance, though, was no Robin Williams, whose gift for comedy still unites generations. My seatmate, however, did bring up one of the most important ways nonprofits can bring about positive outcomes from this tragedy: education, including correcting misconceptions, and fundraising for suicide prevention.

Nonprofit marketers who are heavily invested in one channel—such as direct mail or telemarketing—are throwing money away if they dive into online fundraising without integration. So says "Improving Direct Marketing Response with Online Advertising," research published in October by Charleston, S.C.-based nonprofit marketing software and service provider Blackbaud.

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