Carlsbad, Calif.

Kitty Kolding is CEO of Carlsbad, Calif.-based marketing data provider Infocore. Kitty can be reached at @kittykold or via email.

For decades, marketers have been trying to find and exploit patterns in what makes their customers buy, buy again, stay, switch, browse, click, join, sign up, opt in and check out. And while the astonishing science behind the dozens of different strains of predictive analytics is exploding, it's not even close to keeping pace with the stunningly vast amounts of data being collected and made available every minute of every day, on a healthy percentage of the Earth's inhabitants.

By Sharon R. Cole They may be small, but postcards can offer big opportunities for marketers these days. Multichannel campaigns, tightening budgets, increased postage costs and a rise in print-on-demand, have led many in the direct mail business to see the potential for these light-as-a-feather mailings. However, the postcard is only as powerful as the strategy behind it. Here, a few direct mail professionals reveal how to make the most of a few inches of space. When Simple Is Better For starters, Fred Hernandez, marketing manager for Modern Postcard, Carlsbad, Calif., says marketers should consider that postcards shine best when they consist

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