Capitol Hill

Thorin McGee is editor-in-chief and content director of Target Marketing and oversees editorial direction and product development for the magazine, website and other channels.

Next month will mark a new beginning for Jerry Cerasale, a man whose countless contributions to marketers over the past four decades have served us immensely. After a career of public service and advocacy on behalf of direct marketing, Jerry is about to start a next chapter—more time with his family endeavors on his schedule, not those of Congress, the U.S. Postal Service or the Direct Marketing Association and coalitions in which he has represented us so brilliantly

President Bob Rapoza addressed the National Association of Postmasters of the United States members on March 18, during the Leadership Conference’s general business session. … “We need to stress to our congressional representatives to come together and pass meaningful postal reform this year,” he urged. He told Postmasters when they visit Capitol Hill, they need to let their lawmakers know how frustrated they are with the inaction of Congress. “That’s the message you need to take to Capitol Hill,” he said, “and that’s the message I gave them during my testimony in front of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental

As politicians pit your ability to use marketing data against privacy and votes, the DMA is gathering marketers on Capitol Hill for the annual DMA in DC event. There, Tony Hadley, senior vice president of government affairs and public policy for Experian, and Angel Aloma, executive director of Food for the Poor, will speak on the panel "The Data-Driven Way of Life: Threats and Solution." We asked them to explain the concerns legislators have about data-driven marketing, the laws they're considering and what marketers can do to make sure they're not left out in the cold

Day in and day out, DMA’s Government Affairs team is on Capitol Hill advancing and protecting data driven marketing and fundraising. Since the start of the 113th Congress in January, DMA has been focused on educating policymakers about how you use consumer data responsibly to benefit your customers and the economy as a whole—going on the offensive to stop attacks on the use of consumer data. But attacks on our data driven way of life are still coming hard and fast

Can you have industry self-regulation if one of the biggest players isn't following the guidelines? That's the challenge for online advertising in the face of mounting privacy concerns, and the source is one of the Web's biggest ad sellers: Facebook. The social media giant is running behaviorally targeted ads on its site that don't include the little triangular icons that are the public face of the industry's push to be more transparent about targeting.

The Supreme Court will announce a series of decisions about the constitutionality of the health insurance law passed in 2010 later this month, and House Republicans are planning an experimental online effort to gin up renewed support for repeal. The campaign, brainchild of National Republican Congressional Committee Digital Director Gerrit Lansing, takes a fresh approach to old-school petitioning, one that combines social media gizmos with a retro tech twist. (Part of the plan involves a computer printer that has its own Twitter account. Follow along if you can.)

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